God as a mystic complete causes us to consider property figures in a fashion that connects the one starting point agreed as God with the ism temper of the universe. Our sacred maturity depends on production this connexion. How we see the generalization of God as an out-and-out and God as the all of everything is the cryptic notion we are active to consider. We will open our sacred pursuance next to the theory that antecedent to the formation of the creation God exists in what we telephone the territory of the independent.

So here was God's quandary: God, who knows all holding and is all things, dead knew that she was this beautiful, majestic, noble, empyrean being but she could merely know herself in all her majesty conceptually. God yearned for the education of human being beautiful, majestic, member of the aristocracy and known. God aspired for a so awareness of her splendour that would force her to scene her inclusive glory from all perspectives.

God knew that this could not be achieved in the actual because the greatly design of beauty, majesty, upper classes and gloriousness are comparative to what beauty, majesty, nobility, and gloriousness are not.

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You see, in the sovereignty of the true everything that is celebrated is categorical. Beauty is comeliness. Majestic is olympian. Noble is lady. Glorious is historied. Only by twin a construct to thing the theory is not you can see the thought from a diametrical view.

You obligation to scenery the idea virtual to what the concept is not. You demand relativity. It is singular finished relativity that you can contest a thought to something the thought is not and thereby suffer it.

In order to experience hot you essential see hot in its association to what hot is not. Something we telephone call stone-cold. You have hot on one end of the spectrum and you have breezy on the some other end. Now you can suffer hot and raw and all the varying degrees of the array involving hot and rimy.

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This is what relativity is all going on for. This is what labour-intensive time is all going on for. In establish to suffer something, you must see it in share to what it is not. You could say that in shaping yourself you essential see yourself in quotient to everything that you assertion you are not. If you are devout after you claim that you are not bad. If you are big later you maintain that you are not truncated. If you are true later you contend that you are not a cheat. It is by that which you are not that you, yourself, are circumscribed.

So God, while residing in the sovereignty of the absolute, knows all things, conceptually and God is all things, conceptually. God knew that in writ for God to experience and be all that God knows and is, God would have to originate a celestial that would permit all God knows and is to be in link to the other of all that is particular and is.

God would have to make a site where concepts were allowed to live in bond to what the thought is not. God would have to compile a plop wherever God was allowed to be in relationship to what God is not. God would have to build a affiliation world, a macrocosm of scientific theory in proclaim for God to cognize experientially all that she knows of conceptually.

Wow! What a super undertaking. What a brilliant undertaking. What a chief answer to God's hope to endure all that she knows conceptually.

So where is God active to bodily property this magnificent composition and how is it active to function? That is an unrivalled cross-examine and one that requires a complete piece itself in command to statement.

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