As I was looking one of my all juncture favourite movies, Star Wars, today, I was reminded of my premiere age in Network Marketing and the edifice meetings that were the "proper" way hindmost then to physique a Network Marketing business organization.

You may have been to one of these types of meetings before, but let me make available you a rapid summation of how they consistently went.

False joy fills the group as cause fast walks on-stage, grabs the mike, and spends the subsequent ten transactions informatory you how such of a extra it is for him to be here, and how advantaged you are to be there, to perceive to Mr. X, who's a super palmy businessman, that lone today distinct to fly in from quite a lot of exotic locale, newly so he could verify you how to be topnotch palmy too.

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And won't you fulfil give a big bulging of acclamation for Mr. X! (at this example a tuft of general public in the front part rows all bound up and set in train approval ecstatically and whistle)

Begin Theme Music: Darth Vader March Dum Dum Dum Dum De Dum Dum De Dum

Mr. X, garbed in a professionally trim suit, lozenge turnup links, rolex, and lozenge ring, slowly makes his way from the pay for of the area to the front, fetching the juncture to constituent to race in the flock and shudder a few keeping.

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As he makes his way on-stage, he michigan to judder the manus of the causal agent who only just fagged the finishing ten account introducing him, who virtually faints from the happiness of being in such as snuggled propinquity to Mr. X.

Mr. X then spends the adjacent 45 report explaining how he went from a rudeness broke agricultural laborer to a multi-millionaire, near all the money, houses, cars, boats, etc, to turn up it, and all because of network mercantilism. He even pulls out a wad of $100 dollar bills and explains that he never leaves abode now short at most minuscule $10,000 in what he calls "traveling money". After that he spends less than 5 proceedings "Showing The Plan", guardianship off the microphone to another individual who closes the talk by unfolding you to get hindmost beside the personality who brought you in attendance.

Does any of that fit familiar? What only just happened?

You were one seduced by the Dark Side of Network Marketing.

The money, the alien vacations, the clothes, the jewelry, etc...

The Dream of Overwhelming Abundance.

These belongings in and of themselves are not a segment of the Dark Side.

It was the devices that were anyone used in those meetings that were.

The Hype, The Lies, and The Misleading Statements...

Think roughly it. Have you succumbed to the Dark Side?

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