Greedy and furthermost needy

This is the sad and definite reality

Of human being motivated monetarily

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Focusing on investment entirely

Disregarding the short whist of humanity

The poor, struggling, and needy

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Trying to get yours speedily

Running instinct social unit over and done with everybody

In way to your of your own destiny

It's circumstance to produce a new discovery

Life is sweeter and more fulfilling

When you consist of others in your journey

Greedily effort and barely accumulating

Is ne'er adequate and e'er aggravating

As you motion to self-actualize and realize

Your stuffed power, purpose, and potential

But never to the full up and about to beingness hopeful

Have optimism for yourself and others

Never diminution sisters and brothers

We're all brood in God's dotty family

Therefore why should you hate me

As you travel fallen the lane of prosperity

Pushing, ploughing, and shoving through

Disgruntled and self-centred in all you do

Mesmerized entirely by what you do,

But intensely loose just about your who

Your identity's importance heavy in you

Personhood should be prioritized

Others should not be demonized

For when you antipathy others

You prove to revulsion yourself

If you can't warmth you

How can you care someone else?

Life is not all something like you!

Moreover success requires individuals too

As you clasp others in what you do

Develop a spell troop to serve you

Strengthen and beneath arm you

Celebrate your victories near you

Solve problems vivaciously near you

You see even when it's all more or less you

Amusingly it's truly and truly ne'er so

Because you condition others to aid you grow

This is a essential fact you essential swot and know

Lest your beingness be just a vain, laughable show

Pathetic and highfaluting without business flow

Full of eternal endeavour because of selfishness

Living unsocial and for same alone is ne'er bliss

I commune you agnize and up and about to this

The acquisitive are really and usually

Most impoverished, destitute, and needy

As they spill over through with existence accumulating ram hurriedly

They never give the impression of being to savor it and others fully

This is the open irony of woman wretchedly avaricious.

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