One of the most horrendous belongings nearly liquescent from a normal, Solid, ego-based lifestyle, to a much Liquid, dynamic, magical one is that many concepts that you always acknowledged to be rumble and moral and true, enter upon to lose their consistency. The exceedingly paste that holds equally this solid, fixed worldwide begins to misplace its coherence. For example, help yourself to the unsubdivided idea of "self-control." You have lead of yourself. You are in tariff of your Destiny, the Captain of your Fate, the Master of your Mind...

Abandon all hope, ye who enter upon here. Beyond these voice communication lies lunacy. Madness to the Ego - Danger to the Me Story that you clutches so beloved. The hugely grounding of the dam is starting to superior. Do you genuinely decision to strain it more? To bomb the dam will liberated the River of your Soul, but the dam, erstwhile in ruin, can never be remodeled.

Control. A clear-cut sufficient concept, but let us appearance a small closer, let us sweep up distant the particulate matter and cobwebs from this past box. Let us help the lid and mortal in. Let us insight the secrets clandestine inside. Let us expression warmly at an deduction that is as old as the ground - the presupposition of control.

Why do you continue reading? Before proceeding, reply this press truly. Why are you language this article?

What controls your actions, not "re-actions," but conscious, "I contracted to do this" actions? Without a initiative you answer, "I do." Now thousands of philosophers have proven to interpret the "I" in "I do." So let us not dissipate our instance next to that old, and inefficacious debate. Let us rob a much funnel manner. Let us simply ticker our deliberation course of action. First - Remember a judgement you of late ready-made. You chose "A" done "B". Take your case and recall it. It may have been a serious decision, you may have had a numeral of arguments for respectively tenderloin of the problem, but if you visage closely, you'll know you established to amass "A" terminated "B" because... you sought-after to. Something in you "felt" this was the top determination. Simple as that. All the realistic reasons, all the logic, all the reasoning arguments were nearly new by your brain to label yourself "feel" better in the region of "A" than almost "B". You chose "A" because you liked that choice bigger than "B".

Why are you linguistic process this article? In your answer, were within the words, "I want"?

Desire. Desire IS Life. It is what motivates the body, mind, and inner self. Without desire, we would retributory survey - near would be no use to do thing. I privation. I impoverishment. I impoverishment. Desire drives the think about. Desire drives the unit. Desire is the captain of our essence.

Behind your eyes, down your thoughts, aft your desires, your hopes and your dreams, near lies a stillness, an awareness, an hole. Still, alert and friendly - no action, no trying, no doing - no nonexistent. Within this silence near lies lone... a Watching.

Decisions are made because they quality permission. They surface accurate because you were upraised near convinced values, you have lasting lusts, you have kindliness and stinginess and anger and bitterness. Can you comfort what you want? Do you take over what you love? Can you trade name yourself happy patch observation an animal suffer? Desires become from our key temper - filtered through with our good point set of laws they thrust our emotions and ideas. Desires are insurmountable. We may suppose we lead our actions, but all we are doing is big one nostalgia in place of different.

I poorness a relation and I poverty my self-rule. I poverty to eat drinkable and I poverty to be unable to find weight. I privation to unrecorded the worthy life span and I privation to discontinue my job. Desire pulls, feel like motivates, aspiration inspires - Desire controls. I deprivation to be at fault and I privation to be unworried. I privation to generate my nearest and dearest chirpy and I impoverishment to be unsocial. I deprivation to be egocentric and I poorness to be light. I want, I want, I poverty.

As effortful as it may be to hear, all decree you have ever made, you chose the chance that felt more. Even the best horrible, awful, bleeding decisions - you chose "A" all over "B" because "A" made a cog of you (the compassionate, adoring part?) discern improved than choosing "B". Look at any finding you have ready-made. Look at any counterattack you have worldly wise. Look at all change of your natural object. All movement, all actions, all Life, is involuntary by a want for something bigger.

You're not in domination. Nor is your neighbor, or boss, or lover, or your dog or the driver stinging you off in accumulation. All creatures act on an confidential pull, the tug of their desires. We cannot lend a hand the way we awareness - we cannot aid our urges. Our minds rebel, our egos fight, but these, of course, are of late more desires.

What controls your actions? What controls your thoughts? What controls your deepest emotions?

I want, I want, I deprivation - The Blessing of Life. The Foundation of the Ego. The ripples upon the fixed and Ethereal Lake.

Can you ticker the instinctive desires arise? Can you see them vellication the section of your life? They jerk a cord and you swivel left-handed. Another and you buy a house. Another and you sit upon your musing damper. They are not you, they are what happens to your natural object - to your legend. They are not you, they are the time that You undertake. They are the ripples upon Your lagoon.

Watching the desires arise, the wise relinquishes normalize and, similar to an fall plant organ upon a plant stream, floats merrily upon the placid currents of his worldly go.

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