I get up in the morning

And deprivation to be in bed

Oh, so nice and warm

Like crunchy from the kitchen appliance bread.

I ne'er cognize just what to say

Will my words be wrong

I gathering up my central strength

to resource me going strong

My day is oh so busy

I choice that I could stay

In the peaceful of my house

If with the sole purpose I could play

Relax and kick up your heels look-alike Children do

No situation wherever they are

Never uneasy just about man late

Or looking up too far

My body won't sit quietly

I have need of to get in attendance now

No time to chat, I now must go

All I can say is Chow

I aversion to wait

For event to pass

Time to eat

To get many gas

Tick Tock of the clock

I countenance into the sky

The numbers reallocate so slowly

I yearning that they would fly

The weight won't dislocate at all today

And the continue is way too long

I am doing the first I can

To facilitate shunt time along.

I can not lead the numbers

On the timekeeper or on the scale

I necessitate to call to mind that they are things

And that I will ne'er neglect.

Time will pass by minus my help,

The degree gets thrown away

I will learn to respire these words,

I will to swot up to say to say:

Say the speech communication that matter

In soul, In Heart and Voice

I have enough, I do enough, I am enough

For respectively day is a conclusion.

Never informed what to say

or if it will be wrong

I muster up the courage

to hold on to me active strong.

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